Visual simulation library for ocean rendering.

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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Triton::AllocatorYou may extend the Allocator class to hook your own memory management scheme into Triton
Triton::BreakingWavesParametersParameters to control behavior of breaking waves at shorelines, used by Environment::SetBreakingWaves()
Triton::CameraTriton's public interface for specifying the camera properties
Triton::EnvironmentTriton's public interface for specifying the environmental conditions and camera properties
Triton::ImpactA RotorWash object will generate spray and circular waves on the ocean surface in the direction it is pointing
Triton::Matrix3A simple 3x3 matrix class and its operations
Triton::Matrix4An implementation of a 4x4 matrix and some simple operations on it
Triton::MemObjectThis base class for all Triton objects intercepts the new and delete operators, routing them through Triton::Allocator()
Triton::OceanAllows you to configure and draw Triton's water simulation
Triton::OrientedBoundingBoxAn oriented bounding box defined by a center point and three axes
Triton::RandomNumberGeneratorAn interface for generating random numbers in Triton
Triton::ResourceLoaderThis class is used whenever Triton needs to load textures, data files, or shaders from mass storage; you may extend this class to override our default use of POSIX filesystem calls with your own resource management if you wish
Triton::RotorWashA RotorWash object will generate spray and circular waves on the ocean surface in the direction it is pointing
Triton::SwellDescriptionA structure containing a description of a swell in addition to local wind waves (from a distant storm perhaps.)
Triton::TidalStreamWakeAn static wake pointing in a given direction at a fixed location, for example from a buoy or bridge pile in a current
Triton::UtilsA collection of static utility methods used by Triton
Triton::Vector3A 3D double-precision Vector class and its operations
Triton::Vector3fA 3D single-precision vector class, and its operations
Triton::Vector4A simple double-precision 4D vector class with no operations defined
Triton::WakeGeneratorA WakeGenerator represents an object on the water that generates a wake as it moves, such as a ship
Triton::WakeGeneratorParametersWakeGeneratorParameters contains the parameters required to construct a Triton::WakeGenerator object
Triton::WindFetchA localized or global area of wind of given speed and direction
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