Visual simulation library for ocean rendering.

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
mainpage.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Camera.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/CoordinateSystem.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Environment.h [code]The public interface for setting Triton's environmental parameters
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Impact.h [code]An object that generates impact wave and spray effects, ie from projectiles or explosions
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Matrix3.h [code]Implements a 3x3 matrix and its operations
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Matrix4.h [code]An implementation of a 4x4 matrix and some simple operations on it
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/MemAlloc.h [code]Memory allocation interface for SilverLining
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Ocean.h [code]Triton's Ocean model interface
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/OrientedBoundingBox.h [code]A class describing an oriented bounding box
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/RandomNumberGenerator.h [code]An interface for overriding Triton's generation of random numbers
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/ResourceLoader.h [code]A class for loading Triton's resources from mass storage, which you may extend
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/RotorWash.h [code]An object that generates rotor wash wave and spray effects
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TidalStreamWake.h [code]An object that generates a static wake wave in a given direction, such as that generated by a buoy in a tidal stream
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Triton.h [code]A convenience header that includes the main public headers for Triton
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TritonCommon.h [code]Common typedefs and defines used within Triton
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TritonList.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TritonMap.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TritonSet.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TritonStack.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/TritonVector.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Vector3.h [code]A 3D Vector class and its operations
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Vector4.h [code]A simple 4D vector class
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/Version.h [code]
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/WakeGenerator.h [code]An object that generates a ship Kelvin wake as it moves
C:/triton/trunk/Public Headers/WindFetch.h [code]A localized or global area of wind of given speed and direction
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