Visual simulation library for ocean rendering.
Obtaining a license for Triton, or how to evaluate it for free

License codes for Triton may be purchased online at using a credit card; for other payment options, contact

Once you've received your license name and code, all you have to do is pass them into Triton::Environment::SetLicenseCode() after you've created your Environment object, and all restrictions on Triton will be removed.

We do make Triton freely available in an "evaluation mode" if you don't pass it a valid license code. This lets you confirm you can integrate Triton with your application before committing to a purchase. Without a license code, Triton will display a warning dialog at startup, and terminate your application after five minutes of runtime - but this should be sufficient to see if you can get Triton up and running with your project.

Our license terms are simple; a single price lets you distribute as many copies or channels of your executable, and incremental updates to it, that links in Triton. No royalties, no per-channel costs, no per-developer costs. Licensees also recieve Triton's full source, 3 months of technical support, and free updates.

If you have any questions about Triton's licensing (or about anything, really,) contact us at