Visual simulation library for ocean rendering.
Triton(tm) Software Development Kit User's Manual

Thanks for using Triton from Sundog Software! Triton is a C++ and C# library for real-time water rendering, featuring easy integration with OpenGL 2.0+, DirectX9, and DirectX11 based Windows applications. It provides realistic visuals of waves for any given wind conditions or a specified Beaufort scale, and takes advantage of general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing on systems that support OpenCL, CUDA, or DirectX11 Compute Shaders (DirectCompute.) This allows us to compute Fast Fourier Transforms on thousands of waves at once at rates of over 100 frames per second on most modern systems.

Triton also features the ability to seamlessly integrate with geocentric coordinate systems in addition to flat coordinate systems. The surface of Triton's sea may be configured to conform to a WGS84 ellipsoid, or a spherical model of the Earth.

This manual will get you started - you should be surprised at how quickly you can be up and running. We also provide a detailed class reference for our public interfaces; licensed users of Triton will receive Triton's full source and full documentation of our internal classes as well.