Visual simulation library for ocean rendering.
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Ocean.h File Reference

Triton's Ocean model interface. More...

#include "Environment.h"
#include "WakeGenerator.h"
#include "RotorWash.h"
#include "TidalStreamWake.h"
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class  Triton::TritComplex
 A structure describing a complex number, for use in Environment::OverrideFFTInputArray. More...
class  Triton::Ocean
 The Ocean class allows you to configure and draw Triton's water simulation. More...


enum  Triton::WaterModelTypes { }
 Enumerates the different water models available for simluating ocean waves. More...
enum  Triton::Shaders
 Enumerates the different shader programs used internally by Triton.
enum  Triton::OceanQuality
 Enumerates the ocean quality settings used in Ocean::SetQuality()

Detailed Description

Triton's Ocean model interface.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ WaterModelTypes

Enumerates the different water models available for simluating ocean waves.


Tessendorf's ocean wave model with the Phillips wave spectrum, using fast Fourier transforms to simulate large numbers of waves at once.

Good for open ocean when you value speed over accuracy.


An FFT-powered Pierson-Moskowitz wave spectrum.

Produces accurate waves that assume an infinite wind fetch.


The most accurate wave model, which takes wind fetch length into account.

FFT-powered so it's still fast, but it responds more slowly when the wind conditions are changed.