SilverLining(tm) Software Development Kit (SDK) User's Manual

Thanks for using SilverLining! SilverLining is a class library for real-time visual simulation of the atmosphere, clouds, sky, precipitation, sun, moon, stars, and planets. SilverLining allows you to create highly realistic, high-performance outdoor scenes with 3D clouds for any location at any time of day.

Although SilverLining includes some very complex physical simulations of extraterrestrial light passing through the atmosphere and clouds, using it within your application is very simple. All you need to do is initialize SilverLining to tell it some information about the outdoor conditions you wish to simulate, and then call a single method at the beginning of your frame rendering, and another at the end.

SilverLining is designed to easily plug into any renderer written on top of Vulkan, OpenGL 2.0 and above, OpenGL 3.2+ "core contexts", DirectX 9, or DirectX 11. Integration code is also provided for OpenSceneGraph, VulkanSceneGraph, Diligent, Rocky, SceniX, Carmenta, and C#.

All you need is the ability to call SilverLining when your frame begins, and again when your frame is over and you're ready to draw translucent objects in the scene. Users who require lower-level access also have the underlying cloud objects available so you can draw them individually within your scene graph, and licensed customers receive full source code if even lower-level access is required. We provide libraries for Windows, MacOS, and Linux developers. A C# wrapper is also provided on top of our C++ libraries, and iOS and Android versions of SilverLining are available separately from our website.

This documentation will get you started. In addition to the class reference information included here, some additional information is also available: