Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NSilverLiningAn enumeration of defined time zones worldwide
 CAllocatorYou may extend the Allocator class to hook your own memory management scheme into SilverLining
 CAtmosphereThis class is the main interface to SilverLining
 CAtmosphericConditionsA class to set the current simulation conditions for the sky
 CCameraA Camera describes a given view, along with its associated view, projection, and viewport
 CCloudLayerA collection of clouds of uniform classification organized into a "deck" of similar altitudes
 CCloudLayerFactoryA class factory for CloudLayer objects
 CCloudLayerTcsUserDataThis is an ***internal*** class interface
 CColorA RGBA color, where each component is represented as a float from 0-1
 CFrustumA simple class that just collects six planes together and calls it a frustum
 CLightningListenerExtend this class in order to receive notifications of lightning strike events from cumulonimbus cloud layers
 CLocalTimeA class to represent the simulated local time, time zone, and daylight savings time observation
 CLocationAn object representing a geographic location
 CMatrix3A simple 3x3 matrix class and its operations
 CMatrix4An implementation of a 4x4 matrix and some simple operations on it
 CMemObjectThis base class for all SilverLining objects intercepts the new and delete operators, routing them through SilverLining::Allocator()
 CMillisecondTimerExposes an interface to allow applications to control millisecond-level time
 CPlaneA geometric plane, modelled as a normal vector and a distance to the plane
 CRandomNumberGeneratorExtend this class in order to use your own random number generator with SilverLining
 CResourceLoaderThis class is used whenever SilverLining needs to load textures, data files, or shaders from mass storage; you may extend this class to override our default use of POSIX filesystem calls with your own resource management if you wish
 CTcsUserDataAbstract user data interface associated with the ThreadCameraStreamData
 CThreadCameraStreamDataThis class is the main interface to thread safe rendering with SilverLining
 CVector3A 3D double-precision Vector class and its operations
 CVector3fA 3D single-precision vector class, and its operations
 CVector4A simple double-precision 4D vector class with no operations defined
 CVector4fA simple single-precision 4D vector class with no operations defined
 CVertexA single vertex containing a position, RGBA color, and 3D texture coordinates
 CWindVolumeDefines an area of a given wind velocity and direction bounded by two altitudes