SilverLining Licensing

In order to use SilverLining within your application, you must instantiate an Atmosphere object.

An Atmosphere must be constructed with a product name and license code. For example,

atm = new Atmosphere("Your Product Name", "Your License Code");

Invalid license names or codes will result an a dialog box being displayed when your application starts up, informing the user that this application is unlicensed. After five minutes of use, the application will terminate. This allows you to use the SilverLining SDK and evaluate it without paying for a license, but isn't appropriate for a finished application or serious development.

In order to use SilverLining without these restrictions, you must purchase a license code. Royalty-free licenses are available on a per-product basis. You'll get a license code which will fully unlock SilverLining for use in your application, access to SilverLining's complete source code, and access to top-tier developer support directly from the author.

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