Triton Oceans for Unity 5A new update of our Triton 3D Water for Unity product is now available, including updates to support the new Unity 5 release and the latest Oculus Rift SDK. Get the latest no-risk trial version to evaluate, or you can get the update through the Unity Asset Store.

If you’re developing with the Oculus Rift, this update is a must – not only does it work with the latest 0.4.4 version of the Oculus SDK, there are some important bug fixes with the Oculus Rift integration you’ll want for sure.

Unity 5 now offers native plug-in support as part of its free version, so that means Triton no longer requires the Pro version of Unity! Any Unity user targeting Windows or MacOS can now use Triton to add the most realistic 3D oceans available to their project. Our update also continues to work with Unity 4 Pro, so if you’re not ready to update to Unity 5 yet, that’s OK.

If you’re evaluating Triton for the first time, be sure to read the documentation as it is a complex asset, and sometimes it needs to be adjusted to account for post-processing effects and transparency in your scene.

Not using Unity? Have a look at our C++ SDK instead, which integrates with just about everything else.