BlueSkies for UnityOur friends at AgileSrc LLC have released BlueSkies – a new version of our SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK built for the Unity engine. This brings the same dynamic, procedural sky and 3D cloud effects used by our pro C++ developers to Unity for the first time.

While we’ve offered a stripped-down, inexpensive version of SilverLining for Unity in the asset store for some time now, BlueSkies is a native wrapper around the complete C++ version of the SilverLining SDK. That means you get access to all of SilverLining’s professional-grade features used by simulation and game developers around the world, including precipitation effects, a wider variety of cloud types, a more sophisticated procedural sky, multiple cloud layers, and highly optimized native code for the best performance.

BlueSkies is sold and supported exclusively by AgileSrc LLC; contact or visit the BlueSkies website for more information.