Triton for Unity Pro Coast SceneOrlando, Fla. (November 19, 2012) – Sundog Software has updated its SilverLining Sky and 3D Cloud and Triton Ocean and 3D Water packages for the newly released Unity 4.0 game engine. Sundog’s technology makes simulation-quality skies and water visuals available to the 1.3 million registered developers using the Unity engine.

“Our environmental graphics technology fills a need for creating outdoor scenes suitable for training purposes with the Unity platform,” said Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software LLC. “The combination of our products with the low-cost Unity engine makes for a very economical alternative for creating simulation and training environments with accurate skies, volumetric clouds, lighting, and oceans for any given time, location, and weather conditions. Game developers also appreciate the realism our products can bring to their titles while maintaining fast performance. No other water asset for Unity offers GPGPU-accelerated 3D ocean waves, and SilverLining leverages Unity’s particle systems to keep its 3D clouds fast on any target platform.”

Both SilverLining and Triton are currently in the top-5 grossing effect script assets in Unity’s Asset Store. The SilverLining Sky and 3D Cloud package supports Unity on Windows, Android, iOS, or MacOS. The Triton Ocean and 3D Water package requires Unity Pro 4.0 targeting Windows platforms. Versions of SilverLining and Triton for engines other than Unity are available from Sundog Software’s website.

About Sundog Software LLC

Founded in 2006, Sundog Software specializes in the real-time rendering of natural environments. Its SilverLining and Triton C++ and C# libraries provide OpenGL and DirectX developers with visual simulation of the sky, ocean, 3D volumetric clouds and weather effects. Sundog’s software is used worldwide by professional game developers, large military contractors and aviation companies developing flight training simulators, architectural visualization companies and broadcast video application developers. Its customers also include NASA and the FAA.

Sundog Software is located outside of Orlando in Winter Springs, Fla. To learn more, please visit

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