A quick heads-up: in SilverLining version 5.072, we have refactored our OpenGL code such that the same GLSL shaders are shared between our OPENGL and OPENGL32CORE renderers.

This made it easier for us to implement uniform buffer object (UBO) support across both OpenGL renderers to improve their performance. But, if you were using the OPENGL renderer and had directly modified our shaders instead of using our “user shaders” capability – you will need to move those modifications into the corresponding Resources/shaders/*.glsl15 files instead of the *.glsl files.

If you need code that is specific to OPENGL, you can use the #define OPENGL preprocessor definition to wrap it.

If your shader modifications are all isolated within the “user shaders” for SilverLining, you shouldn’t have to do anything – they should be loaded from the same user shader files as before.