Triton Ocean & 3D Water in the Torque 3D EngineThe Triton Ocean & 3D Water SDK now includes an integration sample for the popular Torque 3D engine from Garage Games. This brings FFT-powered 3D wave simulation to Torque3D for the first time. Our waves can power buoyant objects, so you can include realistic floating objects in your Torque 3D scenes using Triton – all on the most realistic real-time water on the market today.

Torque’s architecture is unusual, in that there is both a client and a server component to deal with. Triton’s ability to run in a “headless” physics-only mode made it possible for us to keep intersection queries on the water surface in the Torque server in sync with the visuals on the client.

With Triton, you can specify any wind conditions and matching 3D waves and spray will automatically be added to your scene at the sea level you want, complete with reflections.  A height map is automatically generated of the surrounding area, which is used to smoothly blend the water into your coastlines with no additional work.

Check out our demo video of Triton below, or head to the Triton product page to learn more. A free time-limited evaluation SDK is available that includes the Torque 3D integration sample.