We’ve been working on a new product with Maxx-XP, a developer of add-ons for the X-Plane 10 flight simulator. SkyMAXX Pro will add SilverLining’s volumetric, realistically lit clouds to X-Plane – together with our crepuscular rays effects. Early results are looking quite good! Click on any thumbnail for a full resolution image.

avanti_1 F-4_9 FA-22A_57 SilverLining 3D Clouds in X-Plane 10

We’ve integrated SilverLining’s clouds with X-Plane’s weather system, so the cloud conditions you see will match the weather specified in X-Plane. It even works with “real weather,” allowing you to realistically visualize current weather conditions anywhere in the country – all with SilverLining’s volumetric lighting engine and real 3D cumulus clouds you can fly through.

As an extra bonus, our crepuscular rays effect – also known as “god rays” or shafts of light – is also integrated into SkyMAXX Pro. It, along with many cloud parameters, are configurable via a custom config panel in X-Plane.

Performance is great; early tests indicate it may even be faster than X-Plane’s built-in cloud effects. Right now, we’re finishing up the configuration UI and putting the final polish on synchronizing our lighting at dawn and dusk with X-Plane’s. Keep an eye here or at the SkyMAXX Pro website for a future launch announcement!