The latest version of Triton Oceans for Unity Pro / Windows is now available.

Our most-requested feature was an easy to use system for simulating buoyancy of ships on Triton’s simulated water in Unity. We listened, and here are the results:

This was easier than we thought it would be, thanks to Alex Zhdankin’s public domain buoyancy.cs script that we started from. We tied it together with Triton’s height queries, and also integrated it with Triton’s impact effects to get the spray effects in the video when the ship hits the water after falling off a large wave.

The nice thing about this buoyancy script is that it automatically carves up your ship model into “voxels” with associated buoyancy control points. As long as your ship has a valid collider and rigidbody attached to it, you can get realistic results without a lot of extra tuning. You will need to specify reasonable density and mass values, and configure enough voxel slices to represent your object – but that’s it.