We’ve got a new way of distributing our products on Linux platforms that will make it easier to get up and running on whatever flavor of Linux you’re running. Instead of distributing pre-built binaries of the our libraries for a a select group of distributions, our evaluation SDK’s are now distributed as obfuscated source code that’s built on your own system. This gets around all the issues that can arise from shared library dependencies that may differ from the ones we built against, and opens up our products to Linux distributions we didn’t previously support. It also means we can spend less time building our evaluation SDK’s, and more time developing new features for our customers.

It’s easy – just unpack the SilverLining SDK for Linux from our download page, run make, and you’re done. For Triton, there are a couple of dependencies you’ll need to install first (CMake and FFTSS, plus some optional packages for GPGPU acceleration) but our installer script does the rest.

Customers who purchase full source licenses receive unobfuscated source code along with their license code.

We’ve tested these packages on a wide variety of configurations (mixtures of 32 and 64 bit, ATI and NVidia, and Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Red Hat, Debian, and Fedora,) but please let us know if you run into any trouble building or running on your system.

SilverLining and Triton for Linux are available from our download page.