It’s always been possible to represent just about any cloud type within the SilverLining SDK. Even if the specific type of cloud you want doesn’t have an exact match in our list of types, it’s generally possible to tweak the thickness, coverage, and altitude of the types we offer to simulate slightly different types. For example, altostratus is just a stratus cloud at a higher altitude.

However, there has always been one type we didn’t have a valid representation for: cirrostratus. With the release of SilverLining 6.32, we’ve finally fixed that.

It’s a simple cloud, much like the other cirrus types. It just uses a texture that’s less fluffy, and more solid. If you need to tweak its appearance, it’s just a matter of editing the stratocumulus texture file you’ll find the the Resources folder.

To use it, simply call CloudLayerFactory::Create() with a parameter of CIRROSTRATUS. Configuring it should be similar to other cirroform cloud layers.