SilverLining version 2.11 is now available from our download page. This maintenance release addresses some bugs, provides improved support for round-earth coordinate systems, updates to the latest DirectX SDK, and changes the way custom random number generators are handled.

We made some improvements in how cumulus clouds are oriented in geocentric coordinate systems, especially in infinite cloud layers. Previously, the orientation of individual cumulus clouds was determined at initialization time based on the local coordinate system. But, if you were to move the camera halfway around the world, those orientations would become incorrect. With version 2.11, we calculate the proper orientation every frame, no matter how far you move the camera.

If you provided your own RandomNumberGenerator subclass to the Atmosphere object, this is no longer maintained as a static reference within SilverLining. This means you may now assign different RandomNumberGenerators to different Atmosphere objects, which may be useful if you’re trying to enforce consistency between multiple visual channels powered by the same host.

SilverLining’s DirectX renderers are now built against the June 2010 DirectX SDK, and our SDK installer will install any runtime components your system may be missing.